How “UP NEPA” inspired our vision to “Spread happiness with light”

Our vision to “spread happiness with light” was inspired by our CEO Sanmi Lajuwomi’s experience as a child. Whilst growing up in Lagos, Nigeria, Sanmi experienced frequent national grid (called NEPA in those days) blackouts.

He observed that whenever the blackout occurs, people were visibly sad, and once light returns, people were visibly happy and they expressed this with the memorable shout “UP NEPA!!!”. He eventually inferred that stable access to electricity possesses the power to increase an individual’s level of happiness.

Sanmi resolved from then on to find a meaningful way to solve Nigeria’s electricity supply problem. This led to the creation of Winock Solar as a viable solution to spread happiness with light because not only will our customers have access to uninterrupted electricity supply, they will do so in a safe, affordable and environmentally friendly way!