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About Winock Solar

Winock Solar is a leading solutions provider that is solving energy-related problems in Nigeria by enabling access to solar. We provide hybrid solar systems that automatically switch between solar/storage and the national grid (NEPA).

We help Nigerians to stop using hazardous and expensive petrol generators by providing them with clean and affordable solar electricity to power their homes and businesses. Our solutions help our customers to save electricity cost and improve their health and environment.

Our mission is to ensure clean energy is available to all.

Our Solution

Micro Business

We finance 0.65 kWh and 1.5 kWh rooftop solar systems for micro businesses which saves them a minimum of 30% on their electricity cost and curbs 1,500g of CO2 per generator replaced.


We provide EPC and O&M services to residentials that need between 650 kWh and 10 kWh solar capacity. Our commitment to excellence sets us apart as a trustworthy solar solutions provider.


We provide EPC and O&M services for various community projects such as solar streetlights, water boreholes and solar powered accessories to ensure clean energy is available to all.

Social Impact

Invest in Solar

30% savings on electricity

Our customers save minimum 30% on their electricity cost, which goes towards improving their livelihood.

Cutting carbon emission

Winock Energy is curbing up to 1500g of CO2 per kwh per customer by replacing petrol generators with clean off-grid solar systems.

Reducing noise pollution

A 2kva generator produces up to 100 decibels noise, Winock Energy’s solar systems do not produce noise.

Our Current Project

25% Match Funded

36 months to mature

5% interest

Your investment will help BBOXX to install 1,080 Solar Home Systems in Democratic Rebublic of Congo

500 Off-grid Solar Systems in Kubwa

Days Left
  • Minimum Investment: £50
  • Minimum Term: 3 Years
  • Interest Rate: 10% per annum, paid quarterly
  • Investment Protection: 10% of project income reserved for contingencies
  • People with Electricity: 10,000
  • CO2 Avoided: 11500 Metric Tons
  • Children Educated: 10
Target: £500,0000%

Match Funded Projects

All starred projects benefit from match funding from one of our partner organisations.