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Buy now pay later solar
for micro businesses

We make standalone solar systems affordable for micro businesses through our 'buy now pay later' payment terms

Uplifting microbusinesses

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Electricity access is unreliable in Nigeria. Petrol generators are expensive and dangerous. Solar power is a clean and cost-saving alternative but the upfront cost is high. 

We make rooftop solar accessible and affordable for micro businesses through flexible payment terms. 

Our customers save up to 40% of their electricity cost from day one. 

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Our Products

Providing Value To Our Clients Through Our Reliable Products.

We provide our clients with durable and reliable products that promote business and revenue growth through a consistent supply of solar energy.

 Monocrystalline Solar Panel

Monocrystalline Solar Panel

Our most efficient & popular form of solar cell is guaranteed to provide optimal performance.

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Tubular Battery

Tubular Battery

Our battery offers high reliability and performance. They have a long life span for long power backup needs.

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Pure Sinewave Inverter

Pure Sinewave Inverter

Power your simple appliances with this inverter. It comes with safety & protective features.

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We will provide hassle-free site audit, installation and maintenance.


You can spread your payment for the solar system over 24 months.


You will be freed from petrol generator cost and noise.

Rent To Own.

Power Your Micro Business With Solar To Succeed.

Rent to Own allows micro-businesses to secure a sustainable power source for their business & boost growth and sales.

2500W Electricity Supply

Cheaper Than Petrol Generator

Noise Pollution Elimination

Saves Costs

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are common questions about everything you need to know about our products & services at Winock Solar.

What appliances can my solar power?

You can power any number of appliances within the recommended Watts for your solar system. We have named each of our solar system according to the recommended Watts limit. For example, if you have a Surepower 500 solar unit, you can concurrently use any combination of appliances up to a total of 500W.

How long can I use my solar daily?

We have designed each of our systems to last at least 15 hours daily if the appliances used are within the recommended Watts limit. For example, if you open your shop at 7am daily you can use your solar unit till 10pm daily.

How long will my solar keep working before it packs up finally?

We work with reliable suppliers & only allow components that are best fit for Nigeria’s climatic conditions. The solar panels can last 25 years, inverter 10 years & batteries 5 to 10 years depending on how well it is maintained.

How can I maintain my solar and also make it last longer?

You can maintain your solar and make it last longer by:

1. Switching off the solar unit & allowing it to charge when the battery is low

2. Cleaning the solar panels once a week

3. Ensuring that your inverter air vent is not blocked by any object

4. Not placing any object on your battery

5. Monitoring your battery liquid level and contacting us to refill it once it gets to 50%

6. Not supplying electricity to your neighbour

7. Staying within the recommended watts limit

8. Staying within the recommended 15 hours of daily usage

9. Not tampering with the solar unit when you notice a technical fault.

In such an event, contact us as soon as possible quickly for maintenance.

Will my solar work during cloudy or rainy weather?

Because solar works with the sun, the solar unit will perform less optimally on cloudy or rainy days in comparison to moderately or highly sunny days. We advise that you should have a form of backup to utilise during the heaviest part of the rainy season.

Still have questions?

If you don’t find the answers you are looking for, we have more answers for you on the frequently asked questions page

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